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Carol Lopez is a Canadian painter based in Vancouver, B.C. and La Manzanilla, Mexico. She was born in Saskatchewan and has lived in other parts of Canada and in the West Indies. She has also traveled extensively, and these experiences are reflected in the wide range of her oil and acrylic paintings. Carol's love of travel and adventure have led her to positions as the artist-in-residence at Kalani Honua, an arts center in Hawaii, and on the Universe Explorer, a "floating university" cruise ship. During these years, Carol was also working as a part time teacher. She has had many years experience teaching painting in public schools and continuing education programs. In the last three years, she has taught painting workshops and classes in La Manzanilla, Mexico. Carol's passion for self-expression is evident in her still life, landscape and abstract paintings and collages. Carol's artwork has been exhibited in public and private galleries, and is in collections across Canada, the USA, Mexico, and Europe.


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